Emily Vieweg, MFA is a poet and playwright originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Her work has been published in Foliate Oak, The Voices Project, Northern Eclecta, Red Weather Literary Magazine, Soundings Review, Art Young's Good Morning, and more.

Her one-act play Atomic Lounge was performed in Chicago at The 25th Annual Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins Theatre Festival in 2013.

Emily's debut chapbook Look Where She Points is available from Plan B Press.

Emily's second chapbook, Conversations with Beethoven and Bach, is available through

She lives in Fargo, North Dakota where she is a mother of two, pet parent, data processor and adjunct English instructor.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Publishing updates

I am proud to share that several poems of mine have been slated for publication online and in print.

November 2015
Not Another Empty Table
Since You Asked--
Pep Talk

November 2015
He Said to Me / The One I Never Slept With

Winter 2015/16
The Notebook / Grassroots Women's Project
Thoughts on an Appalachian Waltz

Winter 2016
Soundings Review
Nun in the Pink Habit
(creative nonfiction)

I am truly humbled to know that my work is getting out there and saying something to editors and other artists. I am always writing and polishing and looking for ways to get thoughts out into the world.

Thank you for supporting my dreams and aspirations.