Emily Vieweg, MFA is a poet and playwright originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Her work has been published in Foliate Oak, The Voices Project, Northern Eclecta, Red Weather Literary Magazine, Soundings Review, Art Young's Good Morning, and more.

Her one-act play Atomic Lounge was performed in Chicago at The 25th Annual Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins Theatre Festival in 2013.

Emily's debut chapbook Look Where She Points is available from Plan B Press.

Emily's second chapbook, Conversations with Beethoven and Bach, is available through

She lives in Fargo, North Dakota where she is a mother of two, pet parent, data processor and adjunct English instructor.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week Three

Well it's taken a bit of time but I am settling in to the habit of writing every single day.  Whether it's listening to music or following a prompt, I am writing every day.  I am also reading a lot.  Reading about where Writer's Block comes from, the brain chemistry behind it, and how to really understand it and work through it.

While writing my Thesis I am also taking a Manuscript Preparation class.  Learning all about how to best advertise my work to publishers.  Understanding the best letters to write, the best language to use and how to get someone to actually read my work.

A few pieces of mine have been published, and a few more are working their way through the Submittable app.  Most literary magazines use this submission application now, for a nominal fee.  I have a couple of small manuscripts in for contests, but I don't submit to many of those.  I will submit to a magazine's contest if I believe in the magazine - River Styx is one of my favorites.  I attended the River Styx Writer's Conference in 2014, and it was amazing.  I met some wonderful writers, editors and rubbed elbows with some *gulp* famous people!  I am a silly star-struck when it comes to meeting published poets, writers, playwrights and actors.  I even get a little "ohmigosh it's you!" to local tv news anchors.  It's the kid in me, I guess.

Back to the matter at hand.

I have 12 pieces completed, 10 poems and 2 pieces of creative nonfiction.  I may include my two pieces of micro-fiction as well, but I'm not sure yet.

I have ten pieces in the "editing" phase, so that brings my page count to 26 completed pages, with another twelve in the works.  That means I am at about 40 pages.

My goal is to write two pages per day, and twice per week to edit down the writings into pieces of poetry.  Also using my prompts from "NaPoWriMo" has been helpful.  I've written a few new pieces already and have put them in my "Thesis Writings" page in my files.

All the best, and onward we go.

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